Western Bypass Freising

The City of Freising is building a 3.6 kilometres long bypass in order to reduce the inner-city trafic. Named "Westtangente Freising", the bypass includes 12 civil engineering structures, 11 of which bridges and a retaining wall, as well as a 705 metres long tunnel under the village of Vötting. The tunnel is made up of a conventional tunnel and a top down tunnel section at the southern end.

City of Freising

Construction Period

2015 to 2019

Tunnel Brief
Tunnel design and structural design from first concepts
Preliminary design
Preparation of tender documents
Detailed design to construction supervision and geotechnical speciallist services
Fitout planning

Photo / © EDR GmbH: Tunnel Freising

Photo / © EDR GmbH: Tunnel Freising - North portal